a-ha / Love is Reason
AC/DC / Back In Black
AC/DC / Beating Around the Bush
AC/DC / Black Ice
AC/DC / Flick of The Switch
AC/DC / Girls Got The Rhythm
AC/DC / Rock or Bust
AC/DC / Touch too Much
Accept / Fast As A Shark
Accept / Head Over Heels
Aerosmith / Mama Kin
Aerosmith / Sweet Emotion
Aerosmith / Toys In the Attic
Agent Steel / Agents of Steel
Al Green / Let’s Stay Together
Alcatrazz / Jet To Jet
Alice Cooper / House Of Fire
Alice Cooper / Spark in the Dark
Alice In Chains / Man In the Box
Alice In Chains / Would?
Alien / Go Easy
All That Remains / Not Alone
All That Remains / What If I Was Nothing
Amazarashi / ぼくら対せかい
Amon Amarth / For Victory or Death
Amorphis / Against Widows
Amorphis / Black Winter Day
Amorphis / Mermaid
Andy Allo / Yellow Gold
Angra / Carry On
Angra / Evil Warning
Angra / Perfect Symmetry
Annihilator / The Fun Palace
ANTHEM / Black Eyed Tough
ANTHEM / Gypsy Ways (Win, Lose or Draw)
ANTHEM / On and On
Anthrax / Among the Living
Anthrax / Gung-Ho
Arch Enemy / Nemesis
Arch Enemy / Silverwing
As I Lay Dying / The Darkest Nights
Asia / The Heat Goes on
At Vance / Only Human
Avril Lavigne / Everybody Hurts
Avril Lavigne / The Best Damn Thing
Axewitch / Born In A Hell


BABYMETAL / あわだまフィーバー
Baltimoore / My Blue Moon
Battle Beast / Black Ninja
Battle Beast / Straight To The Heart
The Beatles / Any Time At All
The Beatles / Tell Me Why
Billie Eilish / Bad Guy
Biscaya / Howl in the Sky
Black Sabbath / Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath / Hole In The Sky
Black Sabbath / Iron Man
Black Sabbath / Lady Evil
Black Sabbath / Turn Up The Night
Black Sabbath / Zero The Hero
Blind Guardian / Journey Through the Dark
Bob Dylan / Like a Rolling Stone
Bonfire / On The Wings Of An Angel
Bonfire / Sweet Obsession
Bon Jovi / Born To Be My Baby
Bon Jovi / Wanted Dead Or Alive
Bruce Dickinson / The Tower
Bullet for My Valentine / No Way Out


Camel / Rhayader Goes to Town
Candlemass / The Dying Illusion
Carcass / Heartwork
Casanova / Ticket to the Moon
Chariot / Screams The Night
Cathedral / Ride
Children Of Bodom / Children Of Bodom
Children Of Bodom / Hate Crew Deathroll
Children Of Bodom / In the Shadows
The Clash / London Calling
Coldplay / A Sky Full Of Stars
Coldplay / Politik
Cradle Of Filth / Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
Crimson Glory / Red Sharks
Cryptopsy / Phobophile


Danger Danger / Naughty Naughty
Danger Danger / Sick Little Twisted Mind
Danger Danger / Still Kickin’
Dark Moor / Silver Lake
Dark Tranquillity / Punish My Heaven
David Lee Roth / Yankee Rose
Death / Crystal Mountain
Death / Leprosy
Death / Suicide Machine
Death / Symbolic
Deep Purple / Burn
Deep Purple / Lady Double Dealer
Def Leppard / Armageddon Do It
Def Leppard / Bringin’ On the Heartbreak
Def Leppard / Hysteria
Demon / Are You Just Like Me (Spirit Of Man)
Demon / The Plague
Destruction / Bestial Invasion
Destruction / Curse the Gods
Destruction / Mad Butcher
DGM / Trust
Dio / Stand Up And Shout
Dio / We Rock
Dissection / Retribution – Storm of the Light’s Bane
Dokken / In My Dreams
Domine / The Hurricane Master
The Doors / Light My Fire
Dream Theater / Erotomania
Dream Theater / Pull Me Under
Dynazty / Land Of Broken Dreams


Emperor / I Am the Black Wizards
Ensiferum / Guardians Of Fate
Eternal Tears of Sorrow / Prophetian
Europe / Dreamer
Exodus / Piranha
Extreme / Cupid’s Dead
Extreme / Kid Ego
Extreme / More Than Words
EZ Livin’ / Die 4 Rock


Fair Warning / Out On The Run
Falconer / Upon the Grave of Guilt
Fate / (I Can’t Stand) Losing You
Fate / Everything About You
Fifth Angel / Midnight Love
Firehouse / All She Wrote
Firewind / Broken
FM / Bad Luck
Foreigner / Waiting for a Girl like You
Freedom Call / Spirit Of Daedalus


Gary Moore / Falling In Love With You
Giant / Believer (Redux)
Giant / I’ll See You In My Dreams
Glory Bell’s Band / Old Viking Man
Glory / This Is The Love
Grave Digger / The Reaper
Grim Reaper / See You in Hell
Guns ‘n’ Roses / Welcome to the Jungle
Guns ‘n’ Roses / You’re Crazy


Hammerfall / (We Make) Sweden Rock
Hammerfall / Bloodbound
Hammerfall / The Dragon Lies Bleeding
Halford / Resurrection
Heavy Load / Heavy Metal Angels(In Metal And Leather)
Heed / Ashes
Hell / On Earth as It Is in Hell
Helloween / Eagle Fly Free
Helloween / Where The Rain Grows
Hibria / Tiger Punch
High On Fire / Electric Messiah
House Of Lords / All The Way To Heaven
House Of Lords / Battle
Huey Lewis & The News / The Heart Of Rock & Roll
Hurricane / Hurricane


Icon / Danger Calling
Impellitteri / Lost In The Rain
In Flames / Jotun
Iron Maiden / Fear Of The Dark
Iron Maiden / Phantom of the Opera
Iron Maiden / Prowler
Iron Maiden / The Trooper


Jeff Beck / Led Boots
Jet / Are You Gonna Be My Girl
The Jimi Hendrix Experience / Fire
Judas Priest / Desert Plains
Judas Priest / Dissident Aggressor
Judas Priest / Let Us Prey / Call for the Priest
Judas Priest / Painkiller
Judas Priest / The Hellion / Electric Eye


Kalmah / One Of Fail
Kalmah / Swamphell
Kamelot / Forever
Kansas / Carry On Wayward Son
Keel / Speed Demon
Kingdom / Lost In The City
King Diamond / Abigail
Kiss / Shout It Out Loud
Kissin’ Dynamite / Only The Dead
Kraftwerk / The Man-Machine
Kreator / Ripping Corpse
Krokus / Headhunter


Lana Lane / Cold Outside
Laputa / 揺れながら…
Led Zeppelin / Stairway to Heaven
Linkin Park / One Step Closer
Lion / Never Surrender
Lizzy Borden / There Will Be Blood Tonight
Lost Horizon / Pure
Lost Horizon / Sworn In the Metal Wind
Loudness / Soldier Of Fortune
LUNA SEA / Dejavu


Madison / Lay Down Your Arms
Madison / Oh Rendez Vous
Mad Max / Never Say Never
Magnum / On a Storyteller’s Night
Malice / Hell Rider
Manowar / Black Wind, Fire And Steel
Manowar / Metal Daze
Mayhem / Buried By Time And Dust
Mayhem / Freezing Moon
Megadeth / Rattlehead
Megadeth / She-Wolf
Megadeth / Skin o’ My Teeth
Metallica / Battery
Metallica / Hardwired
Metallica / Motorbreath<
Metal Church / Killing Your Time
Mercyful Fate / A Corpse Without Soul
Michael Schenker Group / Looking For Love
Michael Schenker Group / Searching for a Reason
Mindless Sinner / Key Of Fortune
Morbid Angel / Lord of All Fevers And Plague
Motorhead / Ace Of Spades
Motorhead / Overkill
Motley Crue / Hell On High Heels
Muse / City Of Delusion
Muse / Stockholm Syndrome
Muse / Supermassive Black Hole


Napalm Death / You Suffer
Nazareth / Expect No Mercy
Nightwish / Stargazers
Nocturnal Rites / Destiny Calls
Nocturnal Rites / Still Alive


Overdrive / Back On The Hunt
Overkill / Armorist
Overkill / Bring Me the Night
Overkill / Deny the Cross
Ozzy Osbourne / Bark at the Moon
Ozzy Osbourne / Goodbye to Romance
Ozzy Osbourne / Mr. Crowley
Ozzy Osbourne / So Tired


Pantera / Cowboys from Hell
Pantera / Rise
Pink Cream 69 / Special
Pink Floyd / The Great Gig In the Sky
Pink Floyd / Time
The Pointer Sisters / I’m So Excited
Poison / Talk Dirty To Me
Possessed / Death Metal
Possessed / The Exorcist
Power Paladin / Righteous Fury
Praying Mantis / Cheated
Praying Mantis / Best Years
Pretty Maids / Back To Back
Primal Fear / Face The Emptiness
Primal Fear / Metal Is Forever</Sacrifice / In Defiancep>


Q5 / Lonely Lady
Queensryche / Queen of the Reich
Queensryche / Revolution Calling
Quiet Riot / Twilight Hotel


Rage / Wings Of Rage
Rainbow / A Light In The Black
Rainbow / Lost In Hollywood
Ratt / Back For More
Raven / Don’t Need Your Money
Red Hot Chili Peppers / By the Way
Renegade / Hold Back The Night
Rhapsody / Dawn of Victory
Rhapsody / Power of the Dragonflame
Rick Astley / Never Gonna Give You Up
The Rods / Hurricane
Roko / Hot Nights in Africa
Running Wild / Riding the Storm
Rush / Caravan


Sacrifice / In Defiance
Santa / Al Lado del Diablo
Savage / Let it Loose
Savage / We Got The Edge
Savatage / Jesus Saves
Saxon / 747 (Strangers in the Night)
Saxon / Top Of The World
Saxon / Unleash the Beast
Scanner / Not Alone
Scorpions / Virgin Killer
Sepultura / Arise
Sepultura / Refuse/Resist
Seven Spires / The Trouble with Eternal Life
SHOW-YA / 限界Lovers feat.安室奈美恵
Siam Shade / 夢の中へ
Siam Shade / 1/3の純情な感情
Silent Rage / Rebel With a Cause
Silver Mountain / Vikings
Sinner / Emerald
Slayer / Angel Of Death
Slayer / Fight Till Death
Slayer / Hell Awaits
Slayer / South Of Heaven
Slayer / The Final Command
Sly & The Family Stone / In Time
Sodom / Agent Orange
Sodom / Code Red
Sodom / Nuclear Winter
Sodom / Outbreak Of Evil
Soilwork / Full Moon Shoals
Sonata Arctica / Wolf & Raven
Stargazer / Stargazer
Steve Vai / The Crying Machine
Stormwitch / Eye Of The Storm
Stormwitch / The Devil’s Bride
Stratovarius / Black Diamond
Sword / Evil Spell
System Of A Down / Chop Suey!!


Talk Of The Town / Free Like An Eagle
Tank / Honour and Blood (2010 Version)
Terra Nova / Break Away
Testament / Dream Deceiver
Testament / Low
Thin Lizzy / Jailbreak
Tierra Santa / Hamlet
Tierra Santa / Tierra Santa
TNT / Tonight I’m Falling
Tokyo Blade / Night Of The Blade
Trance / Confession
Treat / World Of Promises
Triumph / Headed For Nowhere
Turisas / Battle Metal


U.D.O. / Metal Eater
U.D.O. / Pain
UFO / Rock Bottom
UFO / Let It Roll
Unearth / Zombie Autopilot
Uriah Heep / July Morning


Vader / Wings
Vengeance / Last of the Fallen Heroes
Venom / Black Metal
Venom / Witching Hour
Vicious Rumors / You Only Live Twice
Victory / The Hunter
Victorius / Super Sonic Samurai
Vince Neil / Look In Her Eyes
Virgin Steele / Love Is Pain
Vow Wow / Stay Close Tonight


Warlock / All We Are
Warlord / Lost And Lonely Days
The White Stripes / Icky Thump
Whitesnake / Still Of The NIght
White Spirit / Midnight Chaser
Within Temptation / Mother Earth
Wig Wam / In My Dreams
Winger / Pull Me Under
Winger / Seventeen
Wizard / Hammer, Bow, Axe and Sword
Wrathchild / Stakk Attakk
Wrathchild / That’s What U Get (When U Fall In Love)


X / オルガスム


Y&T / Open Fire
Yngwie Malmsteen / Far Beyond The Sun
Yngwie Malmsteen / Heaven Tonight


Zeno / Love Will Live


ザ・リーサルウェポンズ / きみはマザーファッカー
人間椅子 / りんごの泪
人間椅子 / 暗い日曜日
人間椅子 / 夜叉ヶ池
聖飢魔II / Jack The Ripper
聖飢魔II / エガオノママデ
聖飢魔II / 空の雫
聖飢魔II / 地獄の皇太子
聖飢魔II / 蝋人形の館


220 Volt / The Tower
220 Volt / Eye To Eye